The artichoke season is here so I am trying out new ways to cook them. After checking out some different recipes in my recipe bible, I made these, a mixture between North and South. I would have preferred to cook them in the oven but the outer leaves of the artichokes easily gets hard and dry so I preferred to cook them in a terracotta casserole on top of the stove and it also seems to be was the preferred way to do it in general, judging by the recipes I looked at. Anyway, if you happen to know a good way to cook them in the oven without the leaves getting dry and hard, please tell me!


Artichokes, I used 7 of various sizes
8 tbsp breadcrumbs
2 tbsp chopped parsley
1 tbsp chopped salted capers
4 tbsp grated roman pecorino, you can use parmesan cheese if you want
1oo ml/ 0,42 cup white wine
Olive oil

– Clean the artichokes, take off the outer leaves, cut off the tops of the remaining ones and the stem. Open them carefully and take out the ‘hair’ and some of the innermost leaves so that you have a hole to put your filling into. Put the ready artichokes in a bowl with lemon water so that they don’t darken too much.
– Pour some oil in a pan, add the parsley and the garlic and let it fry gently for a little while before you add the breadcrumbs and the capers. Stir well and after a couple of minutes you take the pan off the fire and add the grated cheese. Mix it very well.
– Now it’s time to stuff the artichokes, open them up carefully before scooping the breadcrumb mix into each of them.
– Put the artichokes into a pan or a casserole or something like that, they should be standing next to each other and preferably quite close so that they don’t tip over. Pour some olive oil over and then you add white wine, salt and water, the liquid should almost reach the top of the artichoke.
– Let them simmer under a half closed lid until the liquid is almost gone and they are soft.
– You can serve them warm or cold.