Around the World meme

I have been tagged for this Around the World meme by Bea at The Tartine Gourmande. I have been wanting to post it for days but for various reasons I haven’t had the time to really sit down and think about my answers. Because these are serious matters that cannot be dealt with lightly! I will let the meme speak for itself:

1- Please list three recipes you have recently bookmarked from food blogs to try:
of Nami-Nami has a recipe of Crumbly Pistachio Cookies that I want to make soon as a treat for Marco who loves pistachio nuts. And Barbara of Tigers & Strawberries posted a recipe of a Lemon and Ginger Pie some time ago that I still haven’t got around to make but I really, really want to try that recipe, it is so different! And as soon as I can find quince I’ll make Michelle’s of The Accidental Scientist Quince Brandy!

2-A food blog in your vicinity
This is a bit difficult because I don’t really know any Italian food bloggers here in Italy. But I know there are a lot of them but I feel so insecure about writing in Italian that I just don’t frequent them that much. Which is very stupid because I’m sure it’s a great community. I know that there are immigrants like me blogging all over Italy but I don’t know any except Rowena really who lives in Lombardy, she has this great food blog called Rubber Slippers in Italy. We never met but maybe one day…

3-A food blog located far from you
Well this is difficult as well because there are so many good food blogs located far away from me that the choice is just too ample! So I have decided to interpret this as a food blog that is located far away from me both as a physical distance and gastronomically. I love Indian food and fortunately there are many very good Indian food blogs to browse! I don’t actually cook Indian much because I’m a bit intimidated by it but I love eating it and that I can do with my eyes when I read them. But which of all the wonderful Indian food blogs do I chose? Go to Sailu’s Food and then check out her links if you want to know more!

4-A foodblog (or several) you have discovered recently (where did you find it?)
I found Surfindaave’s The Serendipitous Chef when he started food blogging after the penultimate paper Chef edition. I really enjoy what he writes and his recipes and I recommend you to visit him, it’s well worth it!

5-Any people or bloggers you want to tag with this meme ?
And now I pass this meme on to:

Paz The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz because she is blogging far too seldom right now!
Mana Makan because I like her!
The Kitchen Pantry, she is an Italian food blogger and I’m curious about her!
Cream Puffs in Venice, she too has been a bit lazy about blogging lately and needs a kick to get back on the track!
Kitchen Queen
Queen of the Kitchen because of our common ancestors!