Parisian presents

Last Friday Marco came back after a week of work in Paris and apart from being happy for having him back home, I must say that I was very happy about his choice of presents! Because they were all edible and more than half of them are already gone!


First we have this jar of mustard. This was for me only because I am the only one who really like mustard in this family. It is difficult to find really good mustards here as it isn’t used that much and my loving husband knows this so now I have a jar with grainy, strong mustard at my disposal. I know it is wrong but I love to eat sandwiches with cheese and mustard for lunch, a real mustard connoisseur probably shivers when she/he hears this but I can’t stop, it’s too nice!


Next we have this luscious camembert cheese. When Marco bought it, the shop assistant asked him when it was supposed to be eaten and shouted to the back of the shop “Bring out one that is ready on Monday!” but we couldn’t wait and had it on Sunday when we had lunch with my sister in law (you know the one who is reading this blog-Hi Elena!) and her family and the grandparents of all our children. I risked my life when I took this photo because they were all so eager to eat it (yet again an example of how little our families understand the importance of food blogging but they did let me take it!) and it disappeared with the speed of light! Absolutely lovely, smelly and creamy and I missed it dearly when it had disappeared. I still do actually…


This two jars of ducks and goose liver pâté are still intact so I cannot tell you what they are like but I’m really looking forward to this, I just have to find some new nice recipes or suggestions on how to serve it! Any ideas?


This is the content of the box of chocolate before the assault, I managed to take two pics before our children pushed me aside! I told Marco to go and check out Pierre Hermé and so he did but he choose to buy these from a Danish chocolatier instead as he found them more attractive. And they were. Past tense because they did not last long… but we did enjoy them immensely!

Don’t you agree with me that this is the best kind of presents you can wish for?