Does My Blog Look Good In This December 2005

Does My Blog Look Good In This for December 2005, hosted by Andrew at Spittoon and Spittoon Extra (Thanks Andrew for all the work !) has announced the winners! The overall winner is Indira of Mahanandi who won with a beautiful photo, when you check out all the winners here, look at the lovely light! The two other runners up are Fred Kitchen and Nika’s Culinaria, both with really fine pics! Congratulations to all of them! And I can proudly announce that even I was rewarded, the photo I submitted (see above, it’s from this post) is one of the joint winners (we all have the same amount of points) in the Aesthetics Category! I’m so very happy, and I am busy trying to make my family understand the greatness of the event etc. but they don’t seem to realize this… What a strange way of looking at the world they have, all thwarted!