Cheese Sandwich Day


Today I passionately felt like having a cheese sandwich for lunch so I made myself this sandwich or panino with Taleggio cheese, thin slices of tomatoes and smoked pancetta cut into small cubes that I fried and then put on top of the cheese. All I can say is mmmmmmmmm….. I can recommend it! Taleggio is an old of my favourite of mine; the first time I had a bite of this cheese, I fell violently in love! (this is for the passion bit if you know what I mean!) It was back in the early 80’s and you couldn’t find Taleggio in Swedish shops so I always brought some home with me. And as I had an Italian boy friend (long gone by now), I had the opportunity to eat Taleggio quite often. I still like it a lot but I don’t buy it that often, not often enough anyway! But today I have a piece in my fridge and when I was about to make my cheese sandwich, the choice naturally fell on it! And I would like to underline the importance of eating and sharing cheese sandwiches, such a misunderstood subject of food blogging!

cheese sandwich