rice flour

We are very fortunate in my family because none of us suffer from a food related allergy or illness (except me who suddenly became allergic to mussels at the age of 25. May be that I’m not anymore but I don’t dare to try. You should have seen my face…) So I don’t have to make any particular considerations when I cook and I’m happy for that. But since I started food blogging, I have become aware of all the restrictions that many people have to live with when it comes to eating and in particular those who have to avoid gluten in their food. I don’t know why I find gluten free food so interesting, probably because of all the good food that I read about at Gluten-free Girl, Shauna’s food blog really opened my eyes to this wide-spread problem and I love her approach to cooking. And then I met Karina of Recipes from a Gluten Free Goddess and yet again I found wonderful food and recipes that I can relate to without being a celiac disease sufferer. So I have started to experiment in my kitchen with cakes and cookies and here’s the first of the recipes I’m planning to post about. The testing goes on and I really want to try my hands on bread as well but I’ll have to work on that! Remember that I’m an amateur in this field so if I make some mistake and include something laden with gluten without knowing it, please tell me!

almond and ricotta cake


3 eggs
2oo ml/0.85 cup sugar
100 g/ 3 oz ground almond, I used a blender to grind my peeled almonds
75 g/2 5/8 oz salted butter
125 g/ 4 3/8 oz ricotta
100 ml/0.42 cup rice flour

-Whisk eggs and sugar for a few minutes and then you add the ground almonds.
-Melt the butter and add that as well.
– Mash the ricotta with a fork before adding it so that it doesn’t get lumpy. When the batter is smooth, it’s time to add the rice flour. Always stirring of course.
– Pour it into a cake tin and bake it in a pre-heated oven (175° centigrades) for about 25-30 minutes.

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