About meeting bloggers


It has taken me some time to recover from my social blogger weekend, after first spending a night with Swedish food bloggers in a Spanish restaurant, I met what could be called normal bloggers for lunch the day after. And yesterday I was like zoombie. I felt completely exhausted but very happy and satisfied! I have met up with so many people that I never had met before in real life but I have realized that what you see of people in their blogs is what you get; all of them were just like I expected but I really hope I will meet them again because you cannot substitute the pleasure of sharing a real meal with a virtual one!
Friday evening a fair amount of food bloggers met up to share experiences and ‘bread’ at this tapas restaurant in Stockholm, apart from the Swedish bloggers that you can read about on my Swedish blog (I mean, if you want to know who they were you probably speak Swedish so that´s the place to read about it) I met sweet Dagmar from A Cat InThe Kitchen but unfortunately Anne from Anne’s Food had come down with the flu and couldn’t come. I’m sure she’s as nice as Dagmar though, a really sweet person who I want to see more of! We ate and we drank and we enjoyed ourselves, at least I did but I think we all enjoyed ourselves. (I enjoyed myself so much that I ran off to the last train without paying the bill…I haven’t dared to write this on my Swedish blog yet but that is the sad truth! But we have decided that I’ll donate the money for a good cause so tomorrow I’m sending money to children in need!) We even discussed the possibilities of starting a Swedish edition of Paper Chef, hopefully we will start in April. So I have to say that I recommend everyone who has the opportunity to meet fellow food bloggers to do it, don’t hesitate-go for it!