The 2006 Food Challenge or This Year I Dare!

I think it is a bit dangerous to make New Year’s promises unless they are realistic. And I mean truly realistic, a promise that you know you will be able to keep either because you are fired by passion or because you feel it is within your physical and psychological limits. This year I have decided to make one, no I have actually made five, and I will hopefully be able to show their fulfillment here on my blog!
Last week when I read what Vicky of The Moveable Feast Food Bloog wrote about what she wanted to do in her kitchen this new year, I thought to myself that this is the right way to tackle it! She has made a list of the things she wants to do better or do more often, challenging herself to open up new paths of experience and her attitude really inspired me, it inspired me so much that I decided to start this meme/challenge! The 2006 Food Challenge or This Year I Dare! It simple, you just promise yourself to cook the five things you either don’t dare to make for some reason or that you made that once and made a mess of! So throughout the year, you post about it and let us know how it went . At the end of the year, in the hour of truth, you will turn back and “analyze” if you managed to keep your promises and if this have helped you to improve your culinary potentials in the kitchen!

So here I go, I have made my list and here are the five things I promise to learn to cook this year:

  1. Arancini di riso. This is a typical Sicilian dish which consists of fried rice balls filled with meat and/or mozzarella. For some reason unknown to me, I’m really scared of making these! I don’t even think that they are particularly difficult to make but still I’m very reluctant. But this year will be the year of I learn to make arancini di riso!

  1. I have never made a souffle in my whole life and I really think it’s about time that I learn to do that now!

  1. Scallops. I have a vision of scallops flying around like little rubber balls in the kitchen, I’m convinced that if I make scallops, they will turn into chewing gum. I don’t even know whether they actually have the tendency to become rubbery… pathetic but I will dare, I will!

  1. I am able to make pasta with duckmeat sauce/ ragù di anatra and duck meatballs but my last attempt to cook a duck was quite tragic. Actually quite depressing when I come to think of it. I will have to muster all my courage to face it again and I will have to find a recipe that tempts me to dare!

  1. Choux pastry. Not particularly difficult but after living in Paris for almost year, eating the most delicious eclaire and petite religieuse, I have devloped a feeling of inadequacy when it comes to this. But it will change! I’m confident.

So now you know some of my weak spots and my five promises. I will now pass this on to five other food bloggers but if you feel that you want to participate-DO IT! There are so many nice and interesting food bloggers out there that I would like to tag but this time I challenge:

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