Time for Weekend Herb Blogging, last week Kalyn was kind enough to include me despite the fact I wasn’t really posting about it, but this week I’m back on the herb blogging track. So don’t forget to steer over to Kalyn’s Kitchen tomorrow to check out what the other partcipants have to offer! Kalyn makes the nicest round ups I know, I’m always blushing when I leave her virtual kitchen. And this week she has come up with a beautiful logo for this event!

The most beautiful of all cabbages is Savoy cabbages. In my opinion that is. I can’t resist its crispy leaves and the way the green colour changes when you peel off the layers. Not to talk about the taste, when you braise it slowly with white wine, it develops a wonderful sweetness – the result is not beautiful to look at but the taste is!
You can eat Savoy cabbage finely shredded as a winter salad, you can use the blanched leaves as food wrappers or you can use it as normal cabbage. Or you can just look at it.
Kaffe Fasset once made an embroidered cushion with a Savoy cabbage on it and I wish, oh how I wish, that I had the patience to make one for myself. I know that it would look great on my sofa, especially with me reclining on it!

Earlier this week we had braised Savoy cabbage with my butcher’s excellent salsicce, but it’s really good without them as well.


1 head of Savoy cabbage
1 big carrot
1 onion or 1 leek, the white part of it
200 ml/ 0,85 cup white wine
extra-virgin olive oil

– Peel off the outer leaves and rinse the cabbage before you slice it into 1 cm thick strips.
– Chop the carrot into thickish half-coins and the onion coarsely and fry them gently in olive oil in a large pan.
– After 5 minutes you add the Savoy cabbage, salt and stir. Let it fry for a while before you add the white wine.
– Leave it to cook slowly on low heat for about one hour. Cover it with a lid, stir now and then and if it dries out, you just add some water.

If you want to do this with meat in it, you can use some spare ribs or salsicce. Then you start with browning the meat a little, take it out and keep it on the side while you fry the vegetables in the fat of the meat and olive oil. Add the meat after the white wine is reduced to about a half and cook on.