My precious…

Today I have done something wonderful! I have a treasure in the fridge, a treasure that fills it completely with its wonderful smell! Yes, yes, I have bought four little white truffles! I went to Pistoia to get some things for my Euro Blogging By Mail parcel that I have to send in a couple of days and, passing by one of my favourite food shops, I decided to buy some truffle because we deserve it, me and Marco! Doubt that the children want to taste it but if they want to, they are welcome. I wasn’t much impressed the first time I tried white truffles but the second time I was hooked and now I almost swoon when I feel the scent! Because it’s a scent, not a smell. The blue velvet you see in the photo is a new dress of mine and I really hope the scent of the truffles remains, what a wonderful perfume! So now the stock is simmering in the kitchen because tonight we’re having risotto con tartufo bianco for dinner. It’s so simple, you make a normal risotto and then you just grate the truffle over it just before you eat. I think there will remain some so I think I will make homemade tagliatelle with truffles tomorrow! How nice it is to live sometimes!
In the photos you can see a little bit of the old part of Pistoia, I’ll be back with more in the near future!