Euro Blogging By Post 3

Today my postman delivered a thick envelope and I immediately saw that it was the ‘parcel’ I had been waiting for! This month I have been participating in EBBP for the first time and it is not going to be the last, partly because it is nice to receive food offerings from a fellow food blogger but mostly because I enjoyed the preparation of the parcel I sent off immensely! It is a wonderful idea and I thank Andrew of Spittoon and Spittonextra who brought BBP to Europe and Johanna of thepassionatecook who organized it this time! She had chosen Comfort Food as the theme of of this round.
I recieved a parcel from Mel of Hecticium in England who recently have been to Mexico and sent me food she bought there together with recipes so that I can prepare some Mexican dishes. And that was fortunate because I haven’t eaten Mexican since the end of the Eighties when I went to a Mexican restaurant in London! When I was a student, there was a Mexican guy living in my student corridor but I can’t remember him cooking…
Mel sent me a jar of
mole: “a sort of gravy/sauce, with lots of tasty spices and chocolate” which I’m curious to taste! And a can of friijoles refritos which is a kind of bean dish and a can of smoked Chipotle chillis that sounds very interesting as I really like hot food! So now I just have to get the courage and start cooking some Mexican here! Thanks Mel, I’ll do my best!