You Are What You Eat Meme: My Top Ten Favourite Foods

I have been tagged by Greedy Goose for the You Are What You Eat Meme: My Top Ten Favourite Foods and today I am ready to answer. Because I realized that I really had to think before answering, not because I have so many favourite foods that I couldn’t choose but because at first I thought that I don’t have any favourite food anymore. And that made me feel boringly mature and well balanced and a bit sad as well even though I realized that this mostly depends on me liking almost everything that you can eat and not that I have lost the capacity of making Top10 lists. But as I pondered upon this meme, favourites did pop up one after another so I managed to make my list and now I am very happy and content! This list contains some of my newly re-discovered favourites and they are not in order of preference because I haven’t got one favourite. Not yet anyway.

  1. Dark chocolate is an important part of my life, not a day pass without at least one row of four squares being consumed. We have gone so far, me and Marco that it is the only gift we usually bring home to each other when we travel so I can tell you that I am happy that he is going to Paris in January. I’m going to provide him with the address to Pierre Hermé and nudge him hard, hoping that he gets the discreet hint!

  2. Olives, both in liquid and solid form. Olive oil is the only oil I use when I cook, we buy it from a friend in Apulia and today arrived the new oil from this year’s harvest. We are sitting here, waiting for it to warm up a bit so that we can try it with bread! I also like to eat olives and especially those made by my neighbour Marisa, they are wonderful! We have a small olive tree in our garden and some years there are enough to prepare them for us to eat.

  3. Bread is definitely something I couldn’t live without! I like baking bread almost as much as I like eating it. Carbs carbs carbs but oh so nice and comforting it is to eat bread.

  4. Tomatoes is also something I wouldn’t like to live without. A ripe, red, sweet tomato beats many a green vegetable in my opinion and certain dishes wouldn’t work without tomatoes, they would loose their identity completely! Every year I want to grow some plants just to have at least some sun-ripe ones but do I ever realize my plans? No but fortunately I have neighbours who do and they usually have so much that they give me a lot!

  5. Pasta, it would be difficult to live without pasta. Sometimes me and Marco spend our time deciding for example which would be the only dish that you would bring with you an a desert island and pasta with tomato sauce is the one dish that we both agree on. Is there a better combination than a real pomarola and spaghetti? No there isn’t!

  6. Cheese. Do I have to say more? Consider the variety of cheeses that you find worldwide and say no more.

  7. Watermelon is something I can eat until I burst. Summertime I buy enormous ones and then I eat almost ever ounce of it on my own because I’m the only watermelon enthusiast in this house!

  8. Finocchiona is a Tuscany salami with fennel seeds in that is heavenly! It is larger than a normal salami and the best finocchiona is the type that is called sbricciolona which means crumbler, when you cut the slices they fall apart and crumble! My mouth waters when I think of it!

  9. Polenta fritta, which is thin slices of polenta that you fry in olive oil. We had polenta and ragù yesterday for dinner and I am so looking forward to the fried polenta crostini with baccalà that I am planning for tomorrow. When you fry the polenta it gets crispy on the outside but it still soft on the inside

  10. And so we have arrived to the last which is peperoncino. Life without peperoncino would be boring indeed, I use it in many dishes and often just a bit to leave a hint of it. Sometimes I can crave peperoncino and I then put some sambal oelek on a piece of bread and enjoy the heat! Once I had a friend with an Indonesian father and I was really impressed by him because he ate dried peperoncino like we eat nuts! What a man!

So now I have finally finished this never ending list and I have to pass on the meme; as usual I would like to pass it on to everyone who reads me but the rules are that I have to pass it on to five other food bloggers so here we go:
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