This weekend I’m doing a flower for Weekend Herb Blogging # 11. A really common flower but this particular one needs to be honoured because she never gives up! Old Blush is her name and she is really an almost ideal rose bush because she flowers all year round, month after month, she never gives in but continues. And this is highly appreciated during the winter months because every time I pass, and I have to pass her often because she stands next to our gate, I see her pink buds and flowers and she makes me believe in a glorious future even though it’s raining and grey! I love roses (but I’m a lousy rose gardener) and when I arrived here I had a great time selecting roses to be planted; they all had to smell nicely and have a certain age, I think at one point there were 26 different varieties growing in the garden! But no one is as tough as Old Blush and this is my tribute to her!