The Gift of Wine Meme

I have been tagged by Paz of The cooking Adventures of Chef Paz for the The Gift of Wine Meme It asks: If you were to give a wine out of your own cellar/collection/shelf/fridge as a gift this year, which wine would it be, who would receive it, and why?
We actually have a wine cellar, well it is rather a small cellar where we keep wine and olive oil but this doesn’t mean that I am a wine person, well I am because I like drinking wine but I really know very little and I have to confess that I am not particularly interested either. If a wine is good, I am happy with that but I never read about it or am on the look out for interesting wines like many of my friends. And then we come to the second problem: when we buy wine, we almost always buy it in (and this is what my dictionary says it is called, I don’t know if it is right!) demijohns (???) straight from the producer or already bottled in naked bottles as you can see from the photo (you can also see the dust). So you have to believe me when I say that it is a wonderful Merlot from Apulia (the heel of Italy) that is dangerously strong but ah so easy to drink! I always have to stop after the first glass because it goes straight to my head but if I wait 20 minutes I can go on drinking again. And who do I want to give it too? Considering the effect it has, I should give it to someone I wanted to seduce but as I am a happily married woman I just have to think about someone else…I think I would like to give it to my friend Helen who wrote to me yesterday, telling me about having to go through an emergency operation a couple of days ago because of severe back problems. This wine would bring two positive aspects to her present situation: she could drink it as a pain killer and also to forget about her condition!

And who do I want to tag for this meme? The choice is really wide, I think I will go for a person who has similar origins and is living in a similar situation as me, an Estonian living in Scotland, Pille of nami-nami, what can come out winewise of THAT combination??