It’s very windy here, the other day it blew so hard that I couldn’t keep my camera steady when I tried to take some photos! So it’s nice with some comfort food and if you like gorgonzola this is the best comfort food ever. I have a on/off relationship to that cheese, sometimes I just can’t stand the taste and sometimes I just love it whereas I can eat Taleggio anytime, it’s strong taste (and smell!!) never creates any problems with my taste buds. I wonder why. I think it’s good though because in this way I feel as if I rediscover it every time I like it!

4 servings

400-500 gr pasta
200 gr gorgonzola cheese
1 carrot
1 stalk of celery
1 small onion or 12 cm leek
1-2 tblsp milk
Olive oil

– Cut the carrot, the celery and the onion into not too small pieces, I like it when you have to chew a little, if you don’t, you can always make smaller pieces.
– Fry them on low heat in some olive oil until they are soft.
– Take away the rind (thanks Paz, your comment made me realize that I used the wrong word!) from the gorgonzola, cut it into pieces and put them in a little pan together with the milk.
– Let the cheese melt and then you add the vegetables. Warm it up if needed before you mix it with the pasta.