I love the smell that surrounds you when you press whole small cloves (the spice) into oranges. I don’t know if this a typical Swedish thing to do or if you find it in other countries as well, but in Sweden you do this for Christmas, you make patterns with cloves on oranges that you use as decorations and when you do it, there is this wonderful fresh and pungent smell of cloves and orange that I go crazy for! I like it so much that years ago I had to invent a dessert with the same taste or at least almost the same taste. This year I was unfortunate because I have run out of clove in powder (or whatever it can be called, please someone-tell me the right name of it!!) so I just made it as a simple orange mousse with a slightly bitter aftertaste that balances the sweetness in a nice way. But I have just realized that I should have put whole cloves into the liquid when it is put to boil, well this just means that I have to make it again! What a pity!


2 tblsp butter
75-100 ml/0,3-0,42 cup sugar
The grated zest of 1 orange (eco)
The juice of 2 oranges
½ – ¾ tsp clove in powder
2 sheets of gelatine ( I have calculated and that is 5,5 g/ 0,2 oz of gelatine sheet)
200 ml/0,85 cup fresh cream

– Put the gelatine sheets in water and let them soak.
– Melt butter and sugar in a small pan.
– Add the orange zest, orange juice and the clove in powder and bring it to a boil.
– Filter the liquid and put the gelatine into the hot liquid. Stir until it has dissolved and leave to cool. Stir now and then.
– Whip the cream until it is hard and when the liquid is cold you carefully mix the whipped cream with it. It has to be completely blended before you put the mousse into small bowls.
– Leave it in the fridge for 3-4 hours.
– Serve it with chocolate flakes on top.

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