Weekend Herb Blogging #7

Chives is my herb this weekend. I live as you might have noticed in the countryside and this means that I can go out and pick all the chives I want from the walls next to the road.

I even have chives growing in my lawn but they live a dangerous life there; children’s feet, dogs and cats and, above all, the lawnmower is a constant threat! Well I did exaggerate a bit before, I can only pick all the chives I want in the spring and now in the autumn because in the summer they just disappear. Unfortunately, because it is really perfect for a lot of summer dishes. Chives should be used raw, the taste is so delicate that it almost disappears if it is cooked and therefore you have to add the chopped chives just at the end of the cooking or when the dish is ready. I do not have a recipe this week but next weekend I am planning to make my own fresh cheese so in about ten days I will post a recipe of fresh cheese with chives.

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