Weekend Herb Blogging 6

I love rosemary, it is such a versatile herb, you can use it with meat, fish, vegetables and even sweets and on top of that, when it flowers it is covered with small flowers of a most exquisite light blue colour that completely sweep me off my feet! Yes I know I am exaggerating a bit there but when I see a flowering rosemary bush I feel warm inside. I think it must be love… me and the bees! Can you see the buzzing bee that I managed to photograph?

When we first moved here I brought two little plants with me, small and suffering after nine months in a small Florence flat but when I planted them they immediately responded to the change and within a year they had become enormous! One of these was a rosemary plant (the other was sage) and it grew to such proportions that I had to cut it down a couple of years ago because it was becoming so large that it was difficult to pass it. So now I have to figure out a place where I can plant a new one, not too far from the kitchen but with a less suitable position climate wise. Until then I grow some in pots and I look at all the wild or half wild bushes I find around here!

The choice of recipes with rosemary involved is so vast that I really did not know what to choose until I remembered this! It is so extremely simple that one can hardly even call it a recipe, it is rather a d-i-y description:


-Take a branch of fresh rosemary and batter the leaves slightly with something heavy before you put it into a bottle. This helps to release the essential oils to mingle with the olive oil.
– Fill the bottle with really good olive oil, seal it and put it somewhere dark for two weeks before you start using it. By now it should be fragrant and ready to use. It can be used as it is on fish, meat and vegetables.