This past weekend I did some smart cooking, on Saturday I made a rich stock that I later used for a mushroom risotto, I made a bit more than was needed so that I could use it for the Sunday dinner when I did a typical risotto saltato, i. e. you fry the rice in a frying pan so that it becomes a golden and crispy cake. When I made the stock I used a lot of chicken thighs and pig’s ribs so that I could make meat balls out of the them the day after. So I had made this one thing that provided me with food for two dinners and this is the type of cooking I really like! I find making stock highly satisfactory, I really do not understand why but there it is, it just happens to be one of my favorite things to cook. Could be because home made stock is so much tastier that the stuff you buy and it could be the fact that it is truly genuine without any strange taste enhancers or conservants and additives. It could also be the fact that it somehow bonds me to past tense cooking if you know what I mean; the importance of always having a good stock at hands lead to pots on the stove, eternally simmering with meat and vegetables and when I make my stock I feel as if I am continuing a grand tradition! And the great satisfaction of using the tender meat that has produced such a rich and nice stock for equally nice meatballs satisfy some kind of primordial streak in me!


1 kg/ 35,3 oz chicken thighs or why not a whole small chicken0,
500 g/ 17,6 oz spare ribs

2 carrots
1 onion or a leek
1 celery stalk
1 tomato
1- 1 ½ tblsp salt
3-4 liters/12,6-16,9 cups water

– Put all the ingredients in a large sauce pan and let it simmer for 2-3 hours. If you remember, take away the froth that surface in the beginning.
– When it is ready, you put the meat in a bowl and strain the stock.

The meat that came out if this was 500 g/17,6 oz, first I separated it from the bones and then I put it in the fridge until the day after when I made…


500 g/17,6 oz boiled mixed meat
1 egg
75 ml/ 0,3 cup milk
100 ml/ 0,42 cup breadcrumbs (I make my own bread crumbs, it is fast to make and they are far less fat than those that you buy), if you for some reason do not want to use bread crumbs, you can mash a boiled potato and use that instead as a binder.
150 ml/ 0,63 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
1 tblsp fresh rosemary
1 tblsp fresh thyme
4 large sage leaves
Bread crumbs to cover the balls in
Olive oil and butter to fry in

– Blend the meat and the fresh herbs in a food processor for 1 minute or two and then you add the egg, the bread crumbs, the milk, the parmesan cheese and the salt and continue to blend until it has become a kind of paste. (Sorry, I can not find the right word)
– Now you start making rather large meatballs that you roll in the bread crumbs so that they support the frying better.
– Fry them in oil and butter until they are golden.