These little sweets are both beautifully coloured and quite nice to eat but oh so fat! But I am of the opinion that it does not hurt to eat sweet and fat things now and then if you eat a little of them. And not too often. Why deprive myself of nice things, why renounce a lot of things if I am going to die anyway? This does not mean that gorging oneself is ok, I just want to stud my life with little jewels like this because it can be heavy enough to live anyway…


100 g/ 3,5 oz pistachio nuts, unshelled
25 g/0,9 oz sugar
High quality dark chocolate

- Bring salted water to the boil and let the nuts boil for 30 seconds, in this way the brilliant green colour remains.
- Rinse them immediately in cold water and remove the skin from the nuts so that only the green nut remains.
- Put the nuts and the sugar in a blender and run until it has become a homogenous paste.
- Now you can mould the paste into different shapes but do not make them too big as they easily break then.
- Melt the chocolate and dip the pistachio marzipan pieces into it. Put them to ”solidify” either in room temperature or in the fridge.
- Eat!


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