I confess

I really like the initiative to the chain of culinary confessions that Amy of Cooking with Amy has started, I especially like to read about what others confess like Soul Fusion Kitchen or Amy herself or those confessing in her commenting service but I somehow feel as if I am prying into their kitchen souls without revealing my own sins. Well if I were a believer I would call it sins but as I am not I will call it ‘less pleasant aspects of my kitchen behaviour’. So now is the time to lay bare my soul and confess:

  1. I do not really like to cook together with other people. If they remain sitting at my kitchen table talking to me I am happier than happy but if they try to interfere-NO.

  2. I have lousy kitchen knives and I do not mind.

  3. I hate to put things back into the cupboards because:

  4. My cupboards are so packed that it is difficult to take things out of them.

  5. I am lousy at throwing away or using old bread so my bread basket is often too full.

  6. I eat four pieces of dark chocolate EVERY day. Or more.

  7. I read far too many food blogs and

  8. I spend too much time on my own two food blogs.

  9. Sometimes during the weekends I forget that my children need to eat lunch. (But do not worry, I do it but a bit late…)

  10. I do not like recipes with long lists of ingredients because that means that it is almost certain that I do not have several of them at home.

  11. Sometimes during wintertime I bake cakes or cookies just in order to heat up the kitchen a bit.

  12. I have to put the plates in systematic order in my dish washer and when the others of the family have put their plates into it, I change it all so that it fits with how I want it.

  13. When my husband sometimes does not like what I have cooked I pretend that I like it although he is right.

  14. I do not really know what is to be found in the back of my freezer.

  15. I buy too many food magazines

  16. I wish I could afford to buy more cookery books.

  17. I like having a lot of people for lunch or dinner but I do not like to eat what I have been cooking for hours.

  18. I do not keep up my own family’s dinner table traditions and it makes me feel guilty.

  19. I hate cleaning the stove so I do not do it as often as I should.

  20. I do not always recycle all the plastic containers we use.

21. I do not own any of Jamie Oliver’s or Nigella Lawson’s cookery books.

So now it is up to you to confess! But please let me know so that I can read your confessions and feel less bad myself…