Lately I have been seeing a lot of Babka recipes, strange because I have never heard about this Polish cake and then suddenly I run into it all the time. It makes me wonder if it been hovering around me all the time but I have not been able to see it? Anyway, it started when I read about Lex Culinaria’s Babka recipe and then it has been popping up ever since. So I decided that the only way the exorcise the Babka out of my life was to make one myself but as I never have had the opportunity to eat a real one I decided that I would make my own version of the cake, just be inspired and bake on. So this is not a Babka cake, it is just a cake with Babka vibes.


75 g/2,6 oz butter
250 ml/1 cup milk
25 g/0,9 oz yeast
75 ml/0,3 cup sugar
¼ tsp salt
600 ml/2,5 cups flour

60 g/2,1 oz dried apricots
60 g/2,1 oz dried figs
60 g/2,1 oz raisins
60 g/ 2,1 oz walnuts
100 ml/0,42 cup ginger syrup
3 egg whites

Ginger syrup
100 ml/0,42 cup sugar
200 ml/0,85 cup water
50 g/1,7 oz fresh ginger

– Begin with the ginger syrup: mix water and sugar in a small sauce pan and let it boil on medium heat, when the sugar has dissolved, you add the fresh ginger that you have cut into pieces. When it has been reduced to 1 dl, you put it aside. Take out the ginger, you can use them as candied ginger.

– Melt the yeast with the sugar and salt.
– While it is melting, you melt the butter in a pan and when it has done that, add the milk and let it become finger warm.
– Mix the milk and the yeast and then you add the flour.
– Work the dough properly and then put it to rest for an hour.

– While you wait it is time to prepare the dried fruit. Put the fruit and the walnuts an a food processor and blend until they are smoothish.
– Whip the egg whites into stiff peaks.

– Roll out the dough into a long, thin rectangle, spread out the filling and on top of that you spread out the egg whites.
– Roll it up carefully along the longer side so that it becomes the short version if you understand what I mean. (It can either be long or short depending on where you start rolling…)
– Now, either you put the roll into a cake tin with a hole in the middle or you just put it on a baking sheet, always as a round form (oh oh, I am getting more and more entangled into the meanders of the English language-please be patient with me!).
– Bake it for approx. 40 minutes in a pre-heated oven (175°C/350°F) but do take a look now and then. If you want, you can brush it with a whipped egg before putting it into the oven, it will make it shiny.

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