Sugar High Friday #13 – The Dark Side

Sugar High Friday #13 – The Dark Side

Lovescool is hosting the 13th edition of Sugar High Friday and when I saw the theme I just had to join in! I love chocolate, I eat chocolate every day because I think it is healthy for both my mind and for my body. In this way I never have those moments when my body suddenly tells me: I need chocolate and I just have to stuff myself full of chocolate and feel bad, bad, bad afterwards! I eat only dark chocolate so it is not too bad sugar wise and I encourage my children to eat that too. A couple of pieces a day makes you happy and content! And maybe it keeps the doctor away…

Sometimes I feel as if I live in a corner of the world where nothing particularly interesting reaches you, apart from nice, genuine recipes of course, but when it comes to chocolate I really can not complain because I am surrounded by important cioccolatai; this part is actually called the chocolate valley of Italy. In Pistoia where I live we find Confetteria Corsini, in Monsummano, not far from here, resides Slitti who has won the world championship of chocolate making some years ago, in the other direction we find Catinari in Agliana and in Pisa we have Salza e De Castro so as you can see I have quite a choice when it comes to good chocolate. But today I have decided to become my own cioccolataio and make my own truffles. For days I have been nibbling chocolate together with different herbs and spices in order to find a combination that I liked and the one that I liked the most was rosemary. When you chew rosemary leaves together with chocolate you experience a wonderful ‘taste explosion’ when the fragrance of the herb mix with the slightly bitter taste of the chocolate. I have tried to find a good balance between chocolate and rosemary where you can feel the scent of the herb but it is not too dominating. Try it!


300 g/10,5 oz of dark high quality chocolate
300 ml/1,25 cups fresh cream
½ vanilla pod
2 tsp very finely chopped fresh rosemary leaves
Cocoa powder, high quality as they are purer

– Divide the vanilla pod and put it into a small pan together with the cream and the chopped rosemary.
– Break the chocolate into small pieces and put it into a medium sized bowl.
– Bring the cream to boil and then you pour it over the chocolate and stir it until it has dissolved and it is nice and shiny.
– Let it stand over the night in room temperature.
– The next day you take a small spoon and scoop up oval shaped lumps of chocolate that you then roll in the cocoa powder or the sugar that you have run in a blender in order to make it finer.
Et voilà, they are ready to eat!