This is a cake that I only make in the autumn when I can find the right grapes, they are small, dark blue and very sweet. This is a typical Tuscan cake and I have found this particular recipe in Paolo Petroni’s excellent cookery book Il libro della vera cucina fiorentina. My friend Laura gave it to me when I hardly managed to speak understandable Italian and I increased my understanding of Italian by trying out recipes from it.


1 kg small, blue grapes, here they are called uva per la schiacciata, but I think that you can use other types as long as they are relatively small and sweet.
350 gr flour
2 dl tepid water

25 gr fresh yeast
8 tblsp sugar
8 tblsp olive oil


– Dissolve the yeast in 4 tblsp sugar, add the tepid water and 4 tblsp olive oil. Then you add the flour and a pinch of salt and work the dough well. Put it to rest and rise for about an hour.
– Rinse the grapes, pick them off one by one and pat them dry.
– Oil an oven proof dish before you put the dough the table, remember to sprinkle it with flour beforehand. Roll out the dough into a thin oval or rectangle shape, it depends on the shape of your oven proof dish.
– Put the dough into the dish, let a fair amount of dough hang outside it because they will be folded over the grapes later. Put 2/3 of the grapes in the dish, sprinkle 2 tblsp of sugar and pour 2 tblsp of olive oil over them.

– Fold the dough over the grapes so it covers all. Put the rest of the grapes on top, sprinkle the rest of the sugar and pour the rest of the olive oil over it.
– Bake it in a preheated oven (175° centigrades) for 1 hour.
– Let it get cold or at least tepid before you eat it!