I live in a a tiny, tiny village on a hill in northern Tuscany, surrounded by olive trees and a relative peace because there are a surprising number of tractors around here. Right now they are particularly busy as they are transporting a lot of wood for it’s time to think about winter and how to keep warm. I already did that this summer and I’m really happy not to have to put all that wood in-doors now… Since I moved here 11 years ago I have learnt to live with the seasons, I never really thought about it that much before. Yes, I ate strawberries in the summer but on the whole my cooking did not really reflect the passing seasons in the way it does here. I have learnt the joy of having to wait eagerly for some ingredient in order to make a favourite dish and I can feel that my body requires different food throughout the year. Heavier and fatter food when it gets colder and lighter when the heat starts. I think it’s also because of the fact that I live a far slower life here in the countryside, that I have time to listen to the nature of the food so to speak and to hear what my body requires…

And now the broccoli season has finally begun! I have been waiting for quite a while now because I really like broccoli a lot and especially in this hot version! It’s the only way to make my husband Marco eat broccoli and we eat it often as a side dish without the pasta .

4 servings

400-500 g/ 14,1 -17,6 oz pasta, preferably orecchiette but any type goes
500 g/ 17,6 oz broccoli, the flower part, not the stem
1 clove of garlic
1 peperoncino
Olive oil

– Put on the water for the pasta
– Divide the broccoli if the pieces are too big. Pour some olive oil into a frying pan and crumble the peperoncino into it. Add the garlic that you have cut into two pieces. Heat it up and let it fry gently for some minutebefore you put the broccoli into the pan.
– Add 1 dl of water and let it fry, still gently, for at least 15-20 minutes, maybe more, it depends on when the broccoli is tender and slightly burnt. It should have the aspect of the broccoli on the photo. If needed you can add some more water.
– When it’s ready you mix it thourougly with the cooked pasta and add some good olive oil to it before you serve.