Autumn in Tuscany is different from the autumns I grew up with in Sweden; at the moment, and we’re in October now , you only feel that the autumn has arrived. Well, you can see it as well but only because of subtle changes of light and temperature, the trees are still green and they will remain so for quite a while. One or two fruit trees begin to show some yellowing leaves but for the rest it’s all green. And then suddenly in November the leaves will begin to disappear, often without any colourful proclamations… Two autumns ago we had a beautiful one with incredible colours but that was after an extremely dry and hot summer with 40° C and not a drop of rain from May to September. This year there is no hope of that, the summer hasn’t been particularly hot nor nice.
But you can see the autumn through the food! Now you can finally find mushrooms of different kinds, pumpkins, broccoli, grapes, certain tasty types of peaches, chestnuts and so on.. Pumpkins are often used in Italian cooking, you find it in risottos, with pasta and in desserts and sweets but today, with the temperature going down, I felt like making a soup for lunch so here we go! I used a pumpkin with a light orange smooth rind (name?) but I’m sure that you can use any kind.

3-4 servings

1 kg/35,3 oz pumpkin (weight with the rind)
2 small onions
Olive oil

– Peel the onions and slice them.
-Clean the pumpkin of the rind and cut it into slices of about 1 cm. Put it together with the onion in a frying pan with some olive oil, salt it and fry gently for 10-15 minutes.
– When the pumpkin is softish but not mushy, you put it and the onion into a food processor together with 6-8 basil leaves and run until it’s creamy.
– Pour the pumpkin cream into a pan and dilute it with water until you get the consistency you like (I like it thick).
– Heat it up, check the salt and grind some pepper over it. Serve it with lemon so that those who wants can squeeze some over the soup. I like it a lot because it gives it a more stingy taste!