When I first started to blog five months ago, I began in Swedish as it is my mother tongue with the intention of do the same later in English and here I am, a beginner again but this time I do have some experience and I will hopefully follow a straighter road. My swedish food blog has the same theme as this one and I will use the same photos and the same recipes as I use there. Initially I thought about shutting it down and just blog in this but I have gained so many great readers and it is nice to be able to counterpose the differences between Sweden and Italy so I will continue that one and add this one to my blog life.
I have lived in Tuscany since 1994, not surprisingly I am married to an Italian and we have three children, 3, 10 and 13 years old. We live in the countryside in the northern part of Tuscany in a house with a garden and it is a nice kind of life I live here, surrounded by olive trees and calm. As calm as it can be with 3 children and a Japanese dog…